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Magneto MOD & Protank2

This kit comes with a solid built brush stainless steel Smok Magneto MOD and the beautiful pyrex glass Kanger ProTank2. Combining the Magneto MOD and Protank2 with the powerful 18350 AW IMR batteries, this kit will produce massive cloud vapors with great flavor and throat hit that is sure to satisfy. This kit will fit for all level Vapers.

  • Top quality MOD & Tank
  • Huge Flavorful Cloud Vapors
  • Easy Tank System
  • Powerful AW IMR Batteries
  • TrustFire super fast multi 4 batteries charger

Odysseus rebuildable atomizer tank Sentinel mechanical MOD iGo-W RDA Joyetech ego Twist and Vision Vivi Nova Tank Kanger Protank 2 Sigelei telescope #19 MOD Immortalizer RDA Joyetech ego Twist 1000 Vision Vivi Nova Tank 2ml CE9 rebuildable wax atomizer Octopus Style RDA Trident 24K Gold Plated RDA by Grand Vapor Helio RDA
Odysseus Rebuildable Atomizer Tank
Savings: $10.00
Sentinel mechanical MOD
Savings: $24.01
Sigelei Telescope #19 Mechanical MOD
Savings: $12.01
Odysseus rebuidable atomizer tank is made with top grade stainless steel and ceramic heat chamber. This tank can hold about 4ml e-liquid or can be use as a drip system. The unique feature of this tank is the ability to control the flow of e-liquid to the wick. The BEAST of atomizers! Clone Sentinel mechanical MOD iGo-W RD.
NOTE: Experienced Vaper and Atty rebuilding is recommended for this item.
Joyetech ego Twist 650mah and Vision Vivi Nova 5.3ml tank are the two most popular and reliable brands of ecig vaporizer in the market. This is a great vaporizer starter kit at affordable price. Protank-2 Clearomizer made with glass and iron. Tough, beautiful, and perform exceptionally well. Sigelei Telescope #19 Mechanical MOD Immortalizer RDA Joyetech ego Twist 1000 mah and Vision Vivi Nova 2ml tank are the two most popular and reliable brands of ecig vaporizer in the market. This is a great vaporizer starter kit at affordable price.

The best and simplest rebuildable dripping system wax/ejuice atomizer.

Octopus Style RDA.
NOTE: Experienced Vaper and Atty rebuilding is recommended for this item.
Trident 24K Gold Plated RDA by Grand Vapor 1:1 Clone Helio RDA

Revolutionary Vapor Pens & Electronic Cigarettes

There is a new revolution that has been designed to help those who have been looking for an effective solution to their cigarette smoking limitations.

That solution lies within a series of electronic devices know as e-cigs (with many other descriptions as well). For those of you who are not familiar with electronic cigarettes, it boils down to this; a vapor pen is a device that will turn a flavored liquid into a pleasant mist that will satisfy the nicotine cravings that all smokers possess. This is an amazing discovery that will eliminate the need for having to ‘light up’ in a secluded spot and fill that area with second hand smoke.

Vapor Pens - A Better Way for Smokers

An electronic cigarette is the perfect solution to those who have families – especially families with children! Other useful applications for a vaporizer pen can be found in a work environment that forbids smoking indoors. Here, vapor pens are the perfect answer to eliminate having to use up half of your break just to make it to the designated ‘smoking area’ outside! You can use this new technology in places that traditional smoking is not allowed.

Smooth Flow & Flavor with Electronic Cigarettes

These wonderful devices have also been credited by doctors and said by many to be a healthier solution than traditional cigarettes that pump different toxins into your lungs. Believe it or not, these toxins can include: tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic! In all, about 4,000 chemicals which include 43 known carcinogenic (cancer causing) compounds are avoided by using this electronic marvel. Isn’t it time to take a look at the technology that is benefitting so many smokers while becoming more popular every day?

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    Great seller fast shipping and awesome MOD!!!!!!A++ Sentinel Mechanical Telescopic MOD (#181169985542)
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    A++++ seller! Fast Shipping! Highly Recommended! Vision eGo Spinner Variable Voltage Battery 1300mah (#181169664373)
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